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You play as a ghost, armed with sharp claws, whose goal is to escape from one.

Lucy is the new host of Camp Phantom. Her first mission is rather unusual, since she.

Crimson Butterflies is a game of anxiety taking place in Japan, in which you have to find.

An elegant roulette with special bets.

The battle is raging at the casino.

Poker with Chinese sauce.

Compete against a player in heads-up.

A simple and exciting card game.

Duel against the dealer.

Caribbean poker.

The die is cast .

Play poker like a pro.

Frenzy on the green carpet.

The double zero roulette born in Las Vegas.

Special bets.

New shivers in perspective.

Roulette with live chat.

The favorite game of the jet set.

Free table games: online, there is something for everyone!

No, table games are not limited to poker, blackjack or roulette and their many variations. For if they are the best known, there are many other disciplines appreciated by fans of cards, balls and dice. But as it is not always easy to discover, life-size, in a land-based casino (because there is no nearby establishment or simply by choice, just for the pleasure of playing comfortably at home ), has decided to offer you a virtual overview of the main gaming tables available on online casinos. As a bonus, you can find on our site a multitude of free table games, regularly expanded new titles. History to test them before you start real money ...

Dice game or card game? You choose…

A player is rarely confined to a single online casino game. Especially if he is passionate about table games. This is why it is useful to take a short tour of the entertainment generally available on e-casinos.

  • Blackjack or game of 21 : This is the most popular card game currently. The goal is simple: to get as close as possible to the number 21 (each card has its own nominal value) ... without exceeding it. Blackjack being the 21 (natural = with 2 cards ... the must). The players are fighting against the bank (so the casino). There are many variants of online blackjack: double exposure, pontoon, spanish 21, surrender, switch ...
  • Roulette : this is the icon of casino games, the one that is represented in all action movies ... but you must know that it is especially popular in Europe, where it only displays a zero. American side, he was awarded a second zero, giving casinos an additional advantage (which probably explains the infatuation with this version). The roulette consists of a cylinder embellished with 37 numbers (0 to 36), a game mat and a ball. It is necessary to bet on the result of this ball (= the place where it will stop after making several turns in the cylinder). Again, there are many variations of online roulette: royal, French, English, American, Mexican (with a triple box 0!) ...
  • Poker : The goal of this card game can not be simpler because you have to have the best hand. And this, whatever the variant of poker (and there are many: texas hold'em, omaha, caribean stud, pai gow poker ...). The winning combinations are determined according to a specific order, hierarchical: high card, pair, two pairs, three-of-a-kind, sequel / straight, color, full, square, straight flush ... and the must-have royal flush.
  • The casino war : better known as "battle" (yes, the card game we almost all played in our childhood). Easy and fast to play: the player must have a higher value card than the dealer.
  • Baccarat (or baccarat): The principle of this card game is basic. It is enough "to determine which hand (that of the dealer or the player) is closest to 9. Or if there is a tie. Bets are placed on "player", "bank" or "tie". Note that there is a mini-baccarat, known as punto bunco (faster parts, limits of reviews down ...).
  • Craps : this game is played with two dice (but be careful: its rules are complex!). Depending on the result of the first roll (= the exit roll), the dice can be rolled several times. The bets are carried on one or more fields of the carpet (passes the line, does not pass the line, exit, big 6 ...). The advantage of the bank is limited.
  • The ball : it is a variant of roulette simplified to the extreme. It is mainly found in French casinos, where it is a very popular table game. You just have to predict where the ball will fall. There are two types of bets: full numbers and single chances. Several bets can be placed simultaneously for a throw.
  • The red dog : This card game is not very complicated to play. To win, it is necessary that the value of the 3rd card is between that of the 1st and the 2nd card.

Free table games: versions to test without moderation

All table games are not to put in all hands ... at least at first. Because if some titles remain accessible to beginners, thanks to rules easy and quick to understand, others require a little practice before launching. This is why free table games are the best way to start a new game well. You can spend long hours of play in "learning" mode, without losing a single euro.

And once the rules are well mastered, you can then put into practice what you just learned about the online casino of your choice (by focusing on certified casinos, of course). To play these free table games, two solutions: the section of SOS Casino dedicated to these entertainment, which includes many titles available in demo version (with a search by software or type of games), or connect directly to the one of the institutions offering its toy library in fun version.

Live: the pleasure of table games with croupier ... in all simplicity

Do you enjoy the unique atmosphere of table games? But you do not have near casino where to bet? Again, online casinos have found the solution: the "Live". As a result, more and more of them are offering a section of live table games. That is to say with croupier in flesh and bone. Lovers eager for conviviality and thrills can therefore indulge in their cute sin (it's called roulette, poker, baccarat, craps or blackjack online) with ease.

And without having to move or dress for the occasion. Just log on to your favorite site. Then you're done! And if formerly it was rare to find free table games with croupier (or croupier), several e-casinos now allow to find demos versions of their tables live game. A pleasant and effective way to discover a table while learning to master the rules. So enjoy it !

Warning: table games online and martingale do not mix!

This warning is necessary. Because many members of have had the bitter experience. It is essential to avoid using any game strategy (or martingale) on an online casino. Because whatever the technique applied, the software always manages to detect a recurrence in the stakes. Result? The systematic cancellation of earnings. With, for the strictest, the closing of account in premium.

And no matter what his opinion on the question (even if the effectiveness of a martingale is debatable)! There is almost always a small clause in the rules prohibiting betting systems, which are equated with irregular play or cheating. So do not give in to the temptation to test a method of play (you know, the one of which we sometimes boast the merits on some "specialized" sites), at the risk of ending up with a balance showing a zero point ... after the intervention financial service!

A word of warning: online table games and bonuses rarely mix well!

Online casino enthusiasts know this well: generally, bonus fans must limit themselves to slot machines. Table games rarely participate in the stake contribution. In other words, if you have a playthrough to meet before you can withdraw your winnings, the bets placed at the gaming tables will not count ... or so for trifles. Because this% contribution often oscillates between 0% (as for roulette) and 5%, rarely more. It is already sometimes difficult to achieve this playthrough on slots that contribute 100% ... so imagine table games that participate only 5%! In addition, beware of e-casinos that offer special bonuses (for blackjack, for example) ... because their wagering conditions are often very restrictive. So good game and stay alert!

Paul Visire showed himself as the occasion required; she did not refuse the games of chance and society. (A. France, The Island Penguins.) - Поль Визир поступил, как требовали обстоятельства. Эвелина охотно подчинилась игре случая и светских отношений.

. He tried to play the board game too; but his circumlocutions put their feet in the dish. (R. Rolland, The Magic Soul.) -. Бриссо тоже попытался принять участие в игре, но его изречения были грубы и бестактны.

French-Russian dictionary of idioms. 2013

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SOS Fantômes - The Video Game on PlayStation 3

November 3, 2009

The Ghostbusters Test - The Video Game on Gameblog

While SOS Fantômes is celebrating 25 years of theatrical release and Blu-ray arrives in store, Atari is taking advantage of this perfect timing to put a title on the market based on this masterpiece of cinema, which has marked a whole generation. However, did Terminal Reality capture the essence of what made the cinematographic series successful in transposing it to video games?

Our advice to help a loved one

The entourage of a dependent player feels totally helpless, does not know how to react, and suffers a lot of the often dramatic situations in which he is trained.

► Do not stay alone with this problem. Talk to someone you trust.

► Avoid doing the steps for him, it does not help him.

► Do not accept that he says, "If I play it's your fault".

► Do not make him feel guilty because he plays, he already is. He certainly suffers from playing but can not do otherwise even if he does not tell you.

► Do not set limits if you can not stick to it. Example: "If you play again, I leave you", while you are not ready to do it.

► Do not try to control everything, you will exhaust yourself without success.

► Avoid pressure to stop playing. Call us instead for us to discuss them.

What you can try to do

► Protect yourself and your children financially with the help of professionals. To protect oneself is to protect the other too. Contact us, we can guide you.

► Break your isolation: entrust yourself to your close entourage or to a professional.

► Encourage the player to talk about the game and how it feels.

► Ask the player, without pressure, to consult: he must be ready.

► Try to regain financial independence as much as possible.

► See your friends as often as possible.

► Find hobbies or activities that make you happy.

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