Surf report trestraou

CHAMP 22 HOPE FREHEL 24 March: The Results

Total success for the organization of field 22 Hopes by Frehel Surf n'Ride. 1st competition organized by this young club (.)

22 Hopes Champion March 24/25: Cap Frehel beach

Here is the list of the selected for the 22nd Hopes Champion, the SISC will organize a depalcemement on Frehel, thank you for (.)

Coup de France of BODYSURF: MARCH 17/18

The 1st stage of the Coupe de France circuit of Bodysurf is at Perros Guirec on Saturday 17th March on the beach of Trestraou / report (.)

The BENEVOLES courses of the SISC resume Wednesday, March 14 (14h / 15h30), and Saturday, March 17 (10h30 / 12h) in Trestraou These courses (.)

The championship of Côtes d'Armor Open surf, longboard, bodysurf, bodyboard and stand-up paddle took place last saturday on (.)

You will find here the series of the ch 22 Open which will take place this Saturday in trestraou .. RDV at 11:00 Saturday morning for (.)

Discover all the weather conditions of Trestraou!

Seven Islands Surf Club, Trestraou, Perros-Guirec, Côtes d'Armor

Created in 1990, the club is today in France one of the most dynamic with more than 250 members!

trestraou beach, Perros-Guirec, 22700, France

  • trestraou beach, Perros-Guirec, 22700, France
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Perros-Guirec, 22700, France

School, Surf Lessons - Ponant Surf School & Shop

2 rue maréchal joffre, Perros-Guirec, 22700, France

Trestraou Beach, Perros-Guirec, 22700, France

Pension Equestrian The Lay-Salvi, Perros-Guirec

2 route de kervelegan, Perros-Guirec, 22700, France

31 rue gabriel vicaire, Ploumanac'h, 22700, France

13 route du Calvaire, Trégastel, 22730, France

Team Intersport Paimpol / Lannion

8 av Resistance, Lannion, 22300, France

7 boulevard de la Fayette, Lannion, 22300, France

23 place of General Leclerc, Lannion, 22300, France

Moulin de la Rive, Locquirec, 29241, France

14 rue de porz ar Villiec, 3 Ti arm ar porzh, Locquirec, 29241, France

3 Croaz ar C'hoc, Tremel, 22310, France

14, Route de Coat Bruc, Plourivo, 22860, France

Alley of the Mezou, Plourivo, 22860, France

hent kervig, Paimpol, 22500, France

1, route de la Carrière, Plourivo, 22860, France

François Luzel Street, Guingamp, 22200, France

langolvas area, Garlan, Morlaix, 29610, France

See you in the water!

See you in the water.

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JSR is a daily South Florida Surf Report at Juno Pier and Jupiter Inlet

Messy shore breaks today at the Juno Pier will be nothing really surf-able. Luckily, jupiter is getting rid of her nice clear water and beach conditions.

Choppy, windy conditions this morning at the Juno Pier. Unorganized 2-3 footers rolling in the south side, best for long boards. About 5 surfers out during this Report.

Very flat today again. Not much wind either. Less of a crowd this morning, but at least most of the beach of back.

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