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adj esteemed or over appreciated

adj excessive, exorbitant, exaggerated, excessive, monstrous, outrageous, outraged, frightening, horrible, excessive, dreadful, frightful, detestable, execrable, appalling, dantesque, insufficient

[antonym] reassuring, attractive, desirable, charming

  • nm car surf. a form of acrobatics that consists of standing on the roof or hood of a moving vehicle (as if one is over-riding) or grasping while sitting or lying down. Practice that has caused many deaths in the United States.

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The verb surfaire conjugates with the auxiliary to have

I am surfinghas

we are surfaits

they are surfingaits

they were surfingaits

I will be surfinghas

you will be surfinghas

he will be surfinghas

we will be surfingaits

you will be surfingaits

they will be surfingaits

that I'm surfinghas

that you are surfinghas

whether he is surfinghas

that we are surfingaits

whether you are surfingaits

they are surfingaits

that I was surfinghas

you surfhas

that we were surfingaits

that you were surfingaits

that they were surfingaits

I would be surfinghas

you would be surfinghas

he would be surfinghas

we would be surfingaits

you would be surfingaits

they would be surfingaits

Choose the correct answer from the list below:

I think that the development of a complete artificial intelligence could end humanity (') Humans limited to a slow biological evolution could not compete and would surpass themselves.

The verb to roll is of the first group.

Complete the conjugation of this verb conditional present :

запросная цена, завышенная цена

перевод с французского языка на русский язык в других словарях

с французского языка на русский язык в других словарях (первые 3 слова)

Цитаты дня на английском языке

"Never forget the love, prayer, and forgiveness."

"There is nothing like a dream to create the future."

"The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."

surf (see trans.)

1. (literary) overestimate.

see the definition of surfit in the Littre

surf (see trans.)

overestimate; overrate

to be wrong in an evaluation [Class]

high degree of qqch [Theme]

estimate above its value [Class]

surf (v. tr.) [literary] [V + comp] ↕

exaggerate [Class]

exaggerate remarks [Theme]

exaggerate remarks [Class]

surf (v. tr.) [figured] [V + comp]

to be wrong in an evaluation [Class]

evaluation [Class. ]

estimate below its value [Class]

high degree of qqch [Theme]

excessive and too much [Characteristics]

mathematics [Domain]

Judging [Domain]

to err, to deceive - approximation, estimation, evaluation - estimate - computer, to make calculations, to solve - to underestimate [Hyper.]

overestimate, overestimate; surf, overvalue, surf [Nominalization]

overestimate - evaluation - judgment - guess, speculation, guess - quote - evaluator, expert, judge - guesser - rough, rough, overall, gross - underestimate, undervaluation [Derived]

estimate above its value [Class]

underestimate [Hyper.]

overestimation - overappraisal [Derived]

estimate, evaluate, judge, assume [Analogy]

underestimate [Ant.]

surf (verb) ↕

1. Ask for a price too high of a thing that is for sale. Surfing his goods.

• We have such a strong inclination to surf our qualities and diminish our flaws. (DIDER, Lett on the blind.)

To surf something, to surf to oneself.

• Virtue has lost its price for the one who overestimates that of life (DIDER, Cl, and II, 1)

• No, in conscience, you will pay that; I speak to you sincerely, and am not a man to surf (MOL, despite his, I, 6)

2. Evaluate too high.

• If you did all this for two thousand crowns, you saved well. You are only over two thousand crowns; for it has cost me nothing (J. J. ROUSS, Hel. IV, 11)

Fig. To say too much, in speaking of a person, to boast beyond the merits. He is a man who has been much overrated.

16th century. "The whiteness is only a pinch, and you are covering us with provisions!" (RAB Pant II, 30)

On 1, and do; Walloon, sorfé, surfed. In Provençal, sober means high.

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