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The Caribbean is the first island destination for the sea and sand. The top 3 Caribbean islands include:

World class resorts, sumptuous cuisine, reggae culture and a stunning landscape are just some of the features that Jamaica has to offer. There is something for everyone making the ideal destination for family vacations. The beautiful surroundings also makes this popular island destination for couples.

Golfers can take advantage of the top golf courses situated in Montego Bay. We are an owner of a roofing blog who passed golfing for just relaxing on the beach. Those with a more relaxing holiday in mind can be so so up on one of the stunning beaches while sipping on a cocktail party.

Part of the charm of this Caribbean island is the historical British influence that provides a more sophisticated island experience. Cricket and golf are among the top sports on the island with a variety of water sports and beach activities.

It is a favorite destination among travelers from the US due to the fact that it is a quick 2 hour flight from the Eastern Seaboard. However, tourists from around the world enjoy this island destination.

Barbados offers something for every type of holiday maker - whether you're traveling on a tight budget or having a luxury vacation in mind. It provides a unique Caribbean cultural experience and top cuisine that will keep the culinary traveler enthralled.

Bridgetown, the oldest city on the island, is a favorite spot for visitors looking for some entertainment and a vivid night life.

Check out some of the other top rated Caribbean islands.

Caribbean Islands are the Best Travel Destination

The Caribbean Islands have become a paradise for many tourists. A lot of travelers visit the islands every year. Moreover, the popularity of the islands is constantly growing. The Caribbean Islands are a must-see destination for every traveler. Here you can spend good time with your family during your vacations. Are you looking for the best place to have an unforgettable honeymoon in your life? Would you like to have a romantic getaway? The Caribbean Islands will definitely be the right choice! You can be sure that the islands will provide you with an unforgettable travel experience.

The Best Beaches in the world are on the Caribbean Islands

Places to Visit and See on the Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands attract travelers from different parts of the world. The climate is predictable and the weather is comfortable. Caribbean Islands are a vacation, a romantic getaway and honeymoon vacations. The Caribbean Islands provides travelers with everything they need for restful and enjoyable vacations. Simply relax, breathe in the air, and take in all that these magical islands have to offer.

There are many restaurants and hotels available on the islands. This means that tourists can easily find the best place to stay and eat. The Caribbean Islands also have a lot of interesting places that tourists must definitely visit. In this online travel guide, we will tell you about the most exciting places on the islands.

British Virgin Islands. The British Virgin Islands are one of the most beautiful places on the islands. A lot of beaches, restaurants and villas are available in this area. The British Virgin Islands provide a wide range of tourist attractions. The British Virgin Islands are where you can relax, swim in clean waters, enjoy sailing and have an unforgettable boat trip.

Cayman Islands. Cayman Islands are known among travelers for their great beaches. There are a lot of wonderful diving sites on Cayman Islands. Here, travelers can take advantage of diving and enjoy beautiful marine life. It is an ideal place for honeymoon vacations. You can also have unforgettable vacations on Cayman Islands. You can visit Stingray City with your kids where they can enjoy interactive swimming.

St. Lucia. St. Lucia will impress you with its wonderful beaches and great natural views of the mountains. There are a lot of bargain bungalows and resorts available in this area. Here you can enjoy a wonderful trip through the mountains and enjoy watching beautiful sunset and sunrise over the sea.

U.S. Virgin Islands. U.S. Virgin Islands are especially beautiful in spring. That's why tourists are recommended to visit the islands in this year of the year. If you visit U.S. Virgin Islands in late April you will also have an opportunity to see Carnival season in St. Thomas. This show will provide you with unforgettable impressions.

Why You Should Visit the Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands are a dream of every traveler. A lot of travelers want to visit the islands. But what is the secret of such huge popularity? The Caribbean Islands are very exotic, so they will definitely impress travelers with their unusual beauty. Here you will find comfortable white sand beaches, beautiful blue water seas, and a great number of tourist attractions. Read more to find out why the Caribbean Islands are so popular!

The Caribbean Islands Have the Best Beaches in the World

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Travel Guide to The Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands are a group of islands that consist of more than 50 tropical islands. Every traveler must visit the Caribbean Islands at least once during their lifetime. Why? The Caribbean Islands are simply one of the most beautiful places in the world. Moreover, the popularity of Caribbean Islands increases year after year! Once you visit the islands, you will undoubtedly want to return to this wonderful place again and again.

Are you planning to travel to the Caribbean Islands? In this guide, you will find a lot of useful information that will help you plan your travel successfully. Here you will be able to find information about beaches, resorts and various activities on the Caribbean Islands. The Caribbean Islands has established a good reputation among travelers.

Why You Should Visit The Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands will provide you with a wide selection of activities. The island is a true paradise for people who like water sports and activities. Here, travelers can enjoy canoeing, diving, swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, sailing on yachts, waterskiing and other activities.

You should definitely take an unforgettable boat tour around the Caribbean Islands. A boat trip around islands will provide you with unforgettable views and memories. Moreover, it will help you get familiar with the life and traditions of local people.

The Caribbean Islands are very beautiful, so you will manage to enjoy them. There are also many places that you should definitely visit during your tour of The Caribbean Islands. You will get a lot of positive memories and an unforgettable experience during your travel to Caribbean Islands.

Obviously, the islands provide a wide range of activities. So, you will never feel bored while traveling around the Caribbean Islands. You will always manage to find a lot of things to do in the morning, in the evening or during the day.

The Caribbean Islands are an ideal place for Family Vacations

Spend Your Honeymoon or Have a Romantic Getaway

The Caribbean Islands are known to be one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Couples are provided with a romantic atmosphere and can relax on the islands. It is also a good idea to organize a wedding party on the Caribbean Islands. The islands have everything you need for a wedding party.

Do you dream about an exciting getaway? The Caribbean Islands can turn your most amazing dreams into reality. The islands will provide you with the most romantic and unforgettable moments in your life. Enjoy fantastic sunrises and sunsets on the Caribbean Islands. You will not regret it!

Hello! And welcome to my blog that is all about the Caribbean Islands! This is truly a paradise that is loved by many. In this blog I wish to tell you some background on the Caribbean islands and some things to do when you visit.

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Love the Caribbean | Love the Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands have become a paradise for many tourists. A lot of travelers visit the islands.

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The Caribbean Islands attract travelers from different parts of the world. The climate is predictable and the weather is comfortable. Caribbean Islands are an ideal destination for f.

The Caribbean Islands. A lot of travelers visit the islands every year. Moreover, the popularity of the islands is constantly growing. The Caribbean Islands.

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Welcome to this year's Top 25 Things to Do in the Caribbean! Editor's Note: This post is part of the Viator Travel Awards, an annual awards competition where we - along with our readers, travelers, and fans - select the top things.

The perks of retreat to a Caribbean island-the warm weather, the laid-back lifestyle and the gorgeous surroundings-are as clear as the waters you'll be swimming in there. "I am in paradise," says 73-year-old Julie Lea, who moved to Bequia in the Grenadines.

No blog about giants would be complete without mention of Amerigo Vespucci, the man for whom 1/3 of the world is named after. Which is quite extraordinary if you think about it. But why was most of the western hemisphere named after him? Is it because.

American Airlines has several Caribbean North American hubs. The two main mileage programs are American Airlines AAdvantage miles or British Airways Avios. American.

7 Tips to Save You Money A Caribbean Vacation Taking a Caribbean vacation could be extremely affordable. The Caribbean is a beautiful place to stay.

The Orlando "Caribbean Festival": A cultural event worth reformatting

Living far from home is not an easy thing. Despite the number of years spent in the host countries, culture follows us. She is innate. We can not divorce her. It helps lighten the nostalgia of the Haitian immigrant. It's not like home. With this in mind, some Haitian nationals have set up recreation / entertainment committees to offer their compatriots cultural activities such as music festivals annually.

It is a means of healthy entertainment capable of uniting in a single space all Haitians, regardless of political affiliation, color, social class or religious. This is especially noticeable in Florida. At one time, there was only one annual festival in Miami. Today, there are two, which do not take place the same month, nor in the same city. "Gen plas for all moun, depi w konn sa wap fè". The second festival is in its fifth edition. The committee members named it "Caribbean Festival". It took place on Saturday, March 19, 2016, in Orlando, Florida. And, despite intermittent rain, people had moved in large numbers (between 7,000 to 8,000).

The worker works to the taste of the master

The cultural event began with unknown or unknown groups, what in English is called "the underground bands" or aspiring orchestras (upcoming bands in English). The intention is good. The organizers of the festival have given the opportunity to these bands to make themselves known to the general public. It's a very good platform for them. We do not deny the problem that exists between the most popular groups who are still reluctant to open a festival, pretending not to want to play for a handful of people. However, when they have a second engagement the same day, it is normal to play early. This is an absurdity that must be fought.

These musicians must be reminded that they are paid to participate in the festival. Faced with such a situation, we must denounce the lack of leadership of the organizers who engage them. Because the worker works to the taste of the master. In addition, when announcing the order in which the groups will succeed on the podium, the public will make the trip earlier. Contrary to what orchestra managers think, the participation of groups who have established themselves at the beginning of the program will have a great positive effect on the unfolding of the festivities.

Such a provision will encourage festival-goers to come early to the rendezvous to ensure a better position to observe what is happening on the stage. Thus, they will help the organizers and facilitate time management. Article author: Robert Noël. This may help the stage manager in his duties. It will be a form of mutual help. Sometimes, we must play the role of catalyst to facilitate interaction, and therefore the smooth running of a common project. The Creole proverb finds its application here: "se yon men k lave yon lòt".

It is time for the festival organizers or dances to change their strategy against Haitian orchestras, who do not say anything when they go to Martinique, Guadeloupe or elsewhere. They accept all the conditions imposed on them. In this sense, T-Vice is not and has never been like other musical bands. T-Vice "pa nan bese triye, ni nan chwazi le jwe jwe, ni fè latchitchinntchwèt. Or peye l lajan l, li ba w sevis. This is proof of professionalism. The excellent performance of T-Vice at the festival can not be overlooked. Compliments to the T-Vice musicians and the group's managerial staff.

Another strategy to remedy a situation that has lasted too long

The festival organizers can proceed to a draw in the presence of the representatives of each orchestra participating in the festival. The number drawn from the lot will determine the position and time that each orchestra must play. This modus operandi will leave more room for maneuver to stage manager. Article author: Robert Noël. The one who bears this responsibility in the Caribbean Festival has been publicly squeezed by more than one.

Critics are still raining on both sides. It is said that Shabba always looks arrogant. Everyone believes and thinks that Djakout # 1 can choose a better spokesperson. We understand the position of Shabba, the drummer of Djakout # 1, since he hoped to have more time to allow his band to present a show worthy of the name. But when the musicians kill the time at the hotel where they are staying, waiting for someone on the spot to tell them on the phone that the space is packed, for them to decide, this is a form of roguery ( jwet ti koken, ti mès, ti jwèt mètdam).

Is the Stage Manager really responsible for the unfortunate setback? Hell is not always paved with bad intentions. During an interview that Jean-Claude Vaval, the stage manager, had given to Radio Différence FM, two hours before the festival, he had passed a point. He said wholeheartedly that people come to the fest to see and listen especially to bands like Klass, Djakout # 1, T-Vice and Carimi. However, we must reproach the lack of firmness of the latter in his decisions. He can not be intimidated by these musicians. Gen yon jan for w ye, or jan or dwe ye.

We heard a Djakout # 1 musician say to the microphone, "Vaval ret nan wòl or, or kite lòt djaz yo jwe, fòk nou jwe., If sete nan Park Kannasik an Ayiti, nou t ap jwe jiska katrè dimaten". Such statements were made when the "stage manager" wanted to end the delivery of Djakout # 1. He scored 11:13 minutes and 55 seconds in all good watches. These words are very similar to Shabba's style. It is not his first attempt since he made similar statements during the passage of Djakout # 1 in Roselle, New Jersey, in November 2015.

Unlike this dance party, in New Jersey, this time Djakout # 1 was not late for the rendezvous. The orchestra did not even spend four minutes on stage. Shabba claims the rights of his group, and was especially timely when he said that the public is entitled to a benefit proportional to the price of the ticket to the festival. Article author: Robert Noël. This is not a direct attack on the stage manager. It may well be that Shabba has made others in front of the head of the stage (face to face).

There is a media intoxication around this affair. The media have made a big deal (blow out of proportion in English), that is to say they give it an exaggerated proportion. Without wanting to defend Shabba, he was able to show the public that Djakout # 1 is not responsible for the mishap and that bad time management is at the base of the abrupt closing of the performance of his band.

Klass did not have time to play a good five minutes. Yet Richie, the maestro of this group, kept himself from blaming anyone. He has therefore shown wisdom and diplomacy, knowing that next year Klass will participate in the sixth edition of Caribbean Festival. In other words, "Richie pa kraze pon an, li konnen la p bezwen l pou l tounen". The Carimi group has made the marathon a race against the clock. Even if we had put the fastest rider in the world today, Usain Bolt, after Carimi to catch him, he would not have reached his goal. Carimi broke the world record in the race.

The public has shown understanding and high civility

The audience was not happy with the way the festival ended. Sharp criticism has been directed at the organizers of the Caribbean Festival. The members of the organizing committee of the event should not be offended because of complaints and reproaches "Plenyen" addressed to them. This experience will serve as a reference and example so that next time they have better management of the time they will have to allocate to each participating group. Critics help change what deserves to be. One wonders if the high number of musical bands at the festival is necessary. The organizing committee of the festival is obliged to rethink its strategy to avoid making the same mistakes.

Punctuality must be respected. A group that does not show up at the scheduled time of their performance must repay the advance they received. All this must be stipulated in a written and notarized contract. Such a measure must be taken to prevent the musicians from coming to tell the organizers of the fest that: "we are you penny sou wout". Or "otobis the pran pann ak nou", a way of staggering the time to allow them to play late. Musicians are encouraged to learn how to play medley, as we have always recommended to these superstars. Thus, they will not have to complain about lack of time. Once again, dear gentlemen, remember that at the festival you always play medley. Because there are several orchestras on the bill after yours. It is impossible to perform songs in their entirety during a festival.

Turbo, a nickname given to one of the members of the Caribbean Festival's organizing committee, announced on FM Radio on Saturday, March 19, that the festival would begin at 4:00 PM, US Daylight Saving Time. A little later, Leroy, another member of the same committee, contradicted Turbo saying that the festival would start at 5:30 pm It is clear in these statements a lack of coordination between members of the same committee of leisure. It seems that this point was not decided at the meeting since the festival started very late after 5:30, which is around 6 h 35 min.

Time is the hour, after the hour is no longer the hour, Brother Claude (Jean Daniel Jacques of his real name) told us every day at the school of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Port- au-Prince. We still hang on to this saying. Moreover, every serious Haitian should apply it: politicians, musicians, professors, ministers, presidents or others. Article author: Robert Noël. We must put an end to what we like to call "the Haitian time" that wants to be always late at least an hour of time.

We learn from our own mistakes and those of others. Without wanting to clear the festival committee of the mess, he at least kept his promises by presenting all the orchestras he had announced. The effort is to be appreciated. He needs to give more time to music bands next year. We can not ignore the degree of civility of the public who has not really reacted violently to show his dissatisfaction with the way the festival was closed.

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