The numbers of keno

The keno, a game of the French games, is a very simple game. It consists in ticking in a grid of 70 boxes 4 to 10 numbers between 1 and 70.

And, to help you make your grids and improve your chances of winning, we reveal some very useful statistics:

Generator of grids "Flash9quot; (random grids): thanks to our grid generator "flash9quot ;, you can Generate grids for the keno of 2 to 10 numbers in, if you wish, imposing that they be composed of numbers of your choice which will serve as basis (5 numbers maximum).

The dashboard of keno numbers

Here, following our studies of the prints and numbers, the numbers of the keno according to their state of form:


LOTO system. How to win at Lotto or Euromillions? The system changes the probabilities of finding the winning numbers!

with the new SK3 OPEN SYSTEM

Like many players looking for a method, a technical see a trick or one thing to win more often at keno. If you want to find more easily the future winning numbers of the keno then we have an excellent System. You will have completely modified probabilities to find the winning numbers simply! (some of themis "lucky" but the texact word is "probabilities") And on a game of chance it's huge as an advantage!

The Principle of our SK 3 OPEN System

Chance does not control itself. Knowing the winning numbers in advance is impossible. But more often have much better probabilities of ticking it is possible! The Keno SK3 Open System is based on this principle. Just a good idea that works!

It is always chance that pulls the right numbers, so on this side nothing to do. But in the game there are other things that do not depend on chance. So you will always

  • a grid of 70 numbers.
  • you will need to check up to 10 numbers.
  • the FDJ still draws 20 winning numbers.

So we use these 3 parameters that have nothing to do with chance to improve your ability to find the right numbers. It's just a very good idea that we have been successful in making it work.

What are you offered?

With the SK3 system your means of finding the right keno numbers can be increased enormously.

We do not say that you will win, because you have to choose your numbers again and chance will decide if you have the right numbers!

But we can still change the situation radically! Look, our System can get the 20 numbers of a draw on a choice of only 24 numbers! 20 winning numbers out of 24! Our current record is 13 good numbers out of 24! More than 1 in 2 were winners!

FABIEN WINS 2000 € (April 2016)

First of all I want to congratulate you for your work because there must be some.

I also want to tell you that thanks to your Keno system I won 2000 euros.

" This little word to tell you that I subscribed to your lotto system and Keno last night I used it playing Keno this Sunday (August 4). On the 3 grids of 10 numbers that I played I won on 2 grids with 5 numbers (6eurosx2) and 1 with 4 numbers (3 euros).

I additionally using your keno system, play 4 numbers on a draw of 20 numbers with the multiplier and I won 50 euros x 3, or 150 euros.

Simply to say that I love your system!

This is the first time I have 7 issues at Keno! I never had more than 5 numbers! By cons I regularly 5 numbers and it proves that it is really good your system 25. For the moment at Keno I am a beneficiary. Also I wanted to buy the software KenoLab3 on the site but to date no one answers and I already paid !! You will not have a contact by chance?

For the Loto and the Euromillions, it's crazy how I regularly have 3 good numbers! Otherwise I'm not far from the four numbers, I always check the number next!

All this to tell you that I really trust and hope that one day I hit the jackpot with your system.

Best regards Fabrice »

That's it I have a 5 out of 5. A photo is worth all the palaver of the world. (piece attached)

The system is really working. What joy . I JUST LOVE IT .

See you very soon for the moon.

I joined the group System 25 there is less than 1 less (registration around 28/12/2014)! I have 3 times a 8/8 a 7/7 a 6/6 is not bad at all.

But I'm aiming for the jackpot jackpot. Go, perseverance. Deep down.

Weena (note the ticket in Francs CFP, currency of Tahiti, already a whole trip!)

Testimony of Paulo and Madame

Hello Pierre Marie ... for keno I did the same and yesterday evening I won 200 euros with 7 numbers out of 9 because it was to multiply by 10 good day jacqueline

" In the month of March I won 1 time 6 numbers out of 6 (1000 €) and once 5 .. I dream again. thanks for your messages .. i love it"

"Hello Pierre Marie,

I received your email; I play with the help of your 25 system, and I play mainly

keno because it's the game with which I have today earned the most money, not millions of euros, but sums that I have never won with another game.

I use your series, but I prefer some numbers with which I associate yours. For example, in a series I take the finals 7 (17-27-37-47) and I associate numbers 51-52 61-62 and I make grids 7 and 8 numbers and I win 5 or 20 euros; I am waiting with conviction 3000 or 10.000 euros.

With the finals 7, I also play 11-12-13 or 20-21 or 63-65 these numbers come out quite often, so I marry them.

With your series I start playing euromillion and I think it will work and I will not fail to inform you of my earnings anonymity I do not care, happiness first and foremost and I want to thank you for what you do, so that the people who follow you can hope to win one day the gain that will change the life (for good).

The principle of the keno system is the same as that of lotto. See the results, 5 winners in just one year, and the unfortunate Marie-Thérèse who missed an 11 million € jackpot! The system will allow you very often to be able more easily check the right numbers! It works but you still have to find these numbers (otherwise everyone would win each draw!)

How does the SK3 Open System ?

When you play "normally" Keno you choose 10 numbers in your grid of 70 numbers. The FDJ draws 20 winning numbers.

the report to find the numbers is so to 70 divided by 20 = 3.5

With our system that we will explain below you could have according to the draws up to a ratio of 1.20 instead of 3.5 ! That is practically 3 times more probabilities (some of themisent " luck 'but the texact word is "probabilities").

Look at the detail of the very simple operation of our system.


With our SK3 system we suggest you bet differently.

Instead of betting on a grid of 70 numbers you bet on a "grid" of 24 numbers only! It is therefore much easier to check winning numbers in each draw!

Of course, our 24-number grid is simply a series of numbers. You are going to bet on official keno newsletters of course.

So, as we told you earlier, maybe we will have the right numbers in our series of 24 numbers! You see the advantage and the difference! But this case will be exceptional. By cons we regularly have excellent results that completely transform the way you tick the right numbers.

For our system to work we had to do 3 sets of 24 numbers (exactly 2 sets of 23 and one of 24)

With these 3 series instead of one, the possibilities of making a good shot are increased tenfold.

Our new SK3 Open system replaces the old SK3. The novelty is an optimization of the series thanks to a monthly update of the series.

Results of our SK3 System

At each draw, if you play the 3 grids as we recommend, at least one of our series contains 7 good numbers on the 23 or 24 it contains.

We frequently have either 8 or 9 numbers on a series, and up to 10.11 and 12 numbers for now at best.

That is to say that with 12 winning numbers contained in the series of 24 numbers for example, when you checked your numbers one in two was a winner! You see the advantage of our system. And of course nothing prevents you from having 15, 16 or even the 20 issues of the draw contained in one of our series! (current record 13 good numbers)

The difficulty of designing our system lies in the fact of defining the numbers of the series so that at least has as regularly as possible 8 or 9 and + good numbers. Because there are thousands of solutions to create series but very few that are regular! That's the value of our SK3 OPEN system!

Let's see now in real life on the official draws of KENO

Assessment of the use of our SK3 SYSTEM

Our SK3 SYSTEM has undeniable qualities of success.

Here for early April our best scores for our system ie one of our 3 series contained at least 7 good numbers but also ....

April 8th, 12 good numbers! 1 out of 2 !!

April 9th ​​12 good numbers! 1 out of 2 !!

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Keno result: the last draws

Keno is a FDJ draw lottery game, which takes place every day of the week at around 13:45 and 20:30. Its particularity is to offer a great flexibility to the players as to their bet and the numbers they want to play. Winnings are common, but more modest than in other games. Check your grid below, this page is updated with each new draw. To follow the news related to Keno, go to

34 36 41 44 45 51 53 55 60 69

39 44 45 49 52 54 55 60 64 70

The Frequency is the percentage of draws, from the new Winner to Life formula in 2013, to which the issue number has been released.

Thedifference represents the number of prints from which the number concerned is no longer output.

The Recent frequency is interested in the draws of the last two weeks, and more specifically the number of releases of the number over this period.

The progression compares the evolution of the number of releases of the number between the last two weeks and the two previous weeks.

For example, an increase of 30% means that during the last two weeks, the number is 30% more than in the previous two weeks.

Finally, Companions and Anticompagnons are the numbers that come out the most and the least often with the number in question, on the last 60 draws (30 days).

This prognosis lists the numbers that are most expected, that is to say those who have not been out for the longest.

67 39 68 57 37 54 17 21 42 64 43 8 6 49 59 58 66 69 34 12

In the last 2 weeks:

25 28 42 61 47 44 17 4 34 37 57 58 53 33 55 64 54 6 39 32

This prognosis lists the numbers that come out most often, either since 2013, or during the last two weeks.

70 19 50 29 16 30 60 51 32 48 33 36 3 56 2 13 9 63 55 14

In the last 2 weeks:

27 19 43 24 46 56 35 23 21 45 22 15 18 29 30 2 20 10 12 49

This prognosis lists the numbers that come out the month often, either since 2013, or during the draws of the last two weeks.

This prognosis is based on current trends: the numbers listed are those that have experienced the largest increase in the number of outings during the last two weeks, compared to their number of trips in the previous two weeks.

Unlike pay-as-you-go lottery games, such as EuroMillions or Lotto, Keno earnings are fixed. They are the same in each draw. If you have one, several, or even no winning number on your Keno game grid, check the winnings you have won in the table below. This win depends on the number of numbers you have played, the number of winning numbers on your grid, and your stake. Overall, the gains are quite modest but frequent. In addition, the "Win for Life" novelty still allows you to pocket up to € 100,000 per year for the rest of your life.

Do not forget to multiply your winnings by the Multiplier if you have played this option! This multiplication of winnings applies to all ranks, even the jackpot.

If you have won less than 500 €, you can have it paid in cash at any point of sale. On the other hand, for the biggest amounts, it is necessary to contact a Payment Center of the Française des Jeux. Beyond 5.000 € of earnings, an identity verification will be mandatory.

Probabilities of winning at Keno

Given the impressive number of winning ranks, the odds of winning a prize will vary depending on the characteristics of your game grid. To win the jackpot (9 out of 9 or 10 out of 10), you have 1 chance out of 387,197 and 1 chance on 2,147,181, respectively. This is much higher than the Lotto (1 chance out of 19 million) and the EuroMillions (1 chance out of 116 million). The probability of winning lower is higher, ranging from 1 in 6 to 2 out of 3 to 1 in 75,000 finding 8 out of 8 numbers. Overall, with Keno, you can expect more frequent winnings than other draw games. Nevertheless, with the exception of jackpots, the gains are more modest.

The game offers multiple options to the player, so it can seem quite complicated. Do not worry, it's very simple. Here is the step by step to play a Keno grid:

  • Choose freely between 2 and 10 different numbers on your grid (numbers range from 1 to 70)
  • Choose your bet: you can play from 1 to 10 € (+ price of the possible multiplier option)
  • Choose your Multiplier option (this is NOT mandatory!):
    • Single Multiplier: all your winnings will be multiplied by the Multiplier published with the draw
    • Multiplier x3: all your winnings will be multiplied by at least x3 (if in the draw the multiplier is 4, 5 or 10, your winnings will be multiplied by 4, 5 or 10)
  • There you go! It's as simple as playing Keno. Validate your grid on the site of the FDJ or in one of the multiple points of sale.

Each player has his little "lucky tricks" which, he hopes, will make him win the pot. Although most often these tricks are quite emotional and not very rational, here is a compilation of down-to-earth tricks, based on the odds of winning, to better play Keno:

  • How many numbers to play? The probability of winning any gain varies greatly depending on the number of numbers on your grid. The best choice is to play 9 numbers because it gives you 1 in 4 chance of winning a lot. Conversely, playing 10 numbers gives you only 1 chance out of 7, and playing 6 numbers gives 1 chance out of 19 to win a lot.
  • Should we take the Multiplier option? The multiplier can actually be interesting. With this option, you multiply the price of your grid by 2, and you average 2.34 times your winnings. In other words, higher earnings are more important than higher prices. However, not playing the Multiplier can allow you to play a larger number of cheaper grids, and thus increase your chances of winning the pot. It is therefore a choice that you must make, according to your preferences, between: an increase in your earnings (in case of winnings) or an increase in your chances of winning (but with lower earnings).
  • Is the x3 Minimum Multiplier interesting? Between the Single Multiplier and the Minimum x3 Multiplier, choose the "x3 Minimum" if your bet per grid is at least € 2. If you only play € 1 per grid, then the "Single Multiplier" is more interesting. The explanation comes from the fact that the "x3 Minimum" costs 1 € more (fixed) but generates an increase in earnings that depends on your bet. With a bet of € 1, the increase in earnings is too low compared to the cost of the option. On the other hand, for a bet of € 2 or more, the price of the option generates an average increase in your earnings higher than the price increase of your grid.
  • Should I play in Flash or choose my numbers? It's the same ! The probability of winning is the same, whatever your numbers are. Flash or "lucky numbers" do not present, statistically, any difference.
  • Can Keno be considered an investment? No! The FDJ keeps the advantage, and in total the players will lose more than they will win. It takes a lot of luck to win the jackpot, do not put yourself in danger financially for a game. The tips given above allow you to optimize your game, but the advantage remains for the FDJ. Do not forget it, and bet only what you can lose.

Reduction system for the game of Keno

How to play 8 numbers with 6-number grids?

Then tick on your grids the numbers that have a cross.

to have at least one grid with 5 correct numbers.

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