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Result Keno: Draw noon and evening of the day

The 3rd Keno "Win for Life" draws tens of thousands of players every day and offers bi-daily draws, one of the strengths that make this game one of the most technical and complex lotteries. one of the most lucrative.

Indeed, if the Keno does not offer the possibility to win astronomical sums as Loto and Euromillion can do, the odds of winning the jackpot and lower prizes are much higher than the Keno Winner for Life.

Did you know ? Keno offers two prints a day 365 days a week!

While the Loto offers three weekly draws on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday nights, the Euromillions for its part offers only two on Tuesdays and Fridays, nothing to do so with the Keno which offers two daily draws, the first at 13:45 and the second at 9pm every night.

The particularity of Keno lies in being shot continuously every day of the year, without interruption. Where the game Amigo offers prints every 5 minutes, Keno offers two per day and allows you to leave with a jackpot of 2 million, multiplied by a multiplier x10 which can raise the gain to 20 million euros maximum.

But if you're on this page, it's because you already know all that, now let's take a look at today's Keno results.

Keno result of the day, find the winning combination below

You played for the Keno draw of this noon or tonight, you are on the right page since you will be able to discover the winning combination of the 20 digits of the day. First, get your game tickets and cross your fingers.

With luck, you'll become the next Loto Millionaire in minutes, just after filling out your Keno Winner for Life grid.

Truce great speeches, it's time to discover today's results via the illustrations below, good luck to all.

Result Keno Friday 13 October 2017 draw midday and evening

The Keno is a lottery game of chance organized by the Lotery since September 1993. It is very popular with the French who count themselves by millions to try their luck regularly. Just like games of this kind of the FDJ such as Euro Millions and Lotto, it can earn a lot of money. The principle of this game of the FDJ is extremely simple. It consists of choose 2 to 10 numbers on a bulletin of 70 numbers then to be defined a bet between € 1, € 2, € 3, € 5 or € 10.

Keno results for Friday, October 13, 2017

Every day, 2 draws determine 2 times 20 winning numbers. The maximum endowment is € 100,000 per year for life or 2 million euros in one go. Note that to reach this jackpot, you must have checked 10 winning numbers and opted for a bet of 10 €.

But it is possible to win 2 winning numbers, a sum varying between 6 and 60 € according to the starting bet (6 € being for 2 € and 60 € for 10 € of bet). The pay table is on the back of each ballot, as is the table of probabilities.

Keno result Friday 13 October 2017 evening (multiplier x 2):

The 20 numbers: 3 7 9 14 16 24 25 30 32 35 38 41 44 47 50 51 54 56 61 62

The JOKER + number: 1 461 214

Result Keno Friday 13 October 2017 Noon (Multiplier x 3)

The 20 numbers: 1 4 7 8 10 12 18 21 24 36 42 45 47 53 58 59 62 66 69 70

The JOKER + number: 7,224,154

Keno result Thursday 12 October 2017 evening (Multiplier x 2)

The 20 numbers: 1 4 15 24 31 37 38 39 44 46 47 49 50 53 58 60 63 64 67 68 69

The JOKER + number: 2 878 788

Keno result Thursday 12 October 2017 (Multiplier x 1)

The 20 numbers: 1 3 5 10 11 12 13 17 18 23 32 33 34 38 41 46 52 59 62 70

New approach to win Keno

I invite you to discover the method of Keno-statistics based on his statistical studies for more than 10 years.

In 1997, Guy Jean Claude is the author of theKENO EXPERT, a daily broadcast on the radio by means of an audiotel service: 30 minutes of statistical information per day which was established; a great success .

From the Ebook:

Poll: Would you be interested in a group of players.

Would you be interested in a group of players with HappyMillions' prognoses

Indeed, in October 2014, I had set 20 combinations to play at the Euromillions and I got a combination of 4/5 with the 2 numbers chances is 5019.20 €. see the table

With the current forecasts I get:

< 6/6 =1000 € on 15/04 - 21:00> ->7-19-22-23-25-32

The main advantage of this group is to play more combinations with a reasonable budget. and to approach the numbers fairly quickly.

--> 20 combinations per month --- it's 400 € alone. to several is 20 € / pers for the month and we can share 20 combinations (+ 20 My Million combinations) or 10 if you prefer to make a group of 10 people. Ballots must be validated at a tobacconist in order to play in a group. It is completely legal (confirmed by the FDJ). I need to know your intentions, in order to propose a clear and transparent operating system for each interested player.

To know your opinion on the grouping, I invite you to answer the survey below:

MORE INFO - a space GPT HMS was established; cré9eacute; for all the people interested by the grouping. In the latter we can exchange and set up our future games: member area securis9eacute; by a password that will be communicated to you for access click here;)

- GPT Keno polls

> tables distributions of earnings

> tables concerning possible possible grouping

> which group and how many people? etc:

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Keno result - The last draws of the day

Keno is a lottery game of chance set up by the French Games since September 10, 1993. Generally, this draw game similar to Bingo is played in casinos, and more generally in groups players coming together, for fun of the game, but also, and especially, for greed.

The whole point of this game is that the odds of winning are much wider than for other lotteries. Moreover since February 24, 2013 the FDJ has added a new rule to this game to attract a wider audience: the possibility of becoming a winner for life. Players who have ticked all the outgoing numbers on their grid can choose between a monthly gain for life, or all at once (in "cash"), corresponding to 20 years of earnings.

Keno results broadcast schedule

Unlike playable lotteries from France (Loto, Euromillions ..) which offer 2 to 3 draws per week, Keno offers players 2 daily draws, and this every day of the week (Monday to Sunday). Thus the most greedy players can try their luck several times a day, and satisfy all their needs.

Since 2014, the distribution of the draws of the games organized by the French games is on the TF1 channel. For Keno there are two broadcasts that take place every day: lunch and dinner. These schedules fluctuate according to the days according to the grid of the programs, it is on a time slot that one must be based to hope to see the live television broadcast: between 13h and 14h for the noon draw, and between 21h30 and 22:30 for the evening draw. The best solution remaining replay replay on the TF1 platform.

In France, the Keno grid organized by the FDJ is composed of 70 numbers. To participate in a draw, the player must check on a grid of 2 to 10 numbers. Then the player chooses a starting bet. The amount of this bet will, in case of gain, to multiply these (for example 100,000 euros per year for life are available only in case of setting 10 euros for 10 numbers checked). For example a player can tick 10 numbers for a bet of 1 euro, like 2 numbers for a stake of 10 euros. Finally, the player can choose between the simple multiplier option, or the minimum x3 multiplier option. Indeed each draw of Keno is given a random multiplier, ranging from x2 to x10. By checking his grid, he then chooses whether he wishes to be advantaged by being sure to obtain a gain x3 minimum, or if he relies on chance.

Each Keno draw is made up of 20 winning numbers. The probabilities are very interesting, since a gain is possible of the 2 good numbers ticked out of 20 (the maximum being, remember, 10 numbers checked). To become a winner for life, you must have checked 10 numbers on its grid, and these 10 numbers are among the 20 winning numbers of the draw. Finally, the multiplier will make it possible to calculate the exact gains, by multiplying them by the amount indicated, of course.

How to calculate your Keno winnings

To calculate his winnings for this draw game, simply follow the winnings chart. In contrast to the other lotteries offered by the FDJ, the Keno winnings do not follow the number of participants, and therefore the number of bets placed in the pot. It should also be noted that the FDJ never broadcasts Keno earnings reports, and that only the winners deciding to make themselves known are the subject of news.

The winnings are therefore fixed, and you just need to refer to the table below to calculate the exact amount for each draw, or simply go to our tool dedicated to the Keno Earnings Calculation.

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