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Free games to play Video Poker online and have fun immediately

Here is a selection of the best games free of online casino for immediate fun playing the machines of Video Poker online. Each game usually has variations in rules and / or winnings, for more details see the help (Help menu, or Pay Table or Payroll.) In these casino games.

We rank the games according to their rating, the most popular Video Poker machines first.

The Video Poker is based on the rules of Stud Poker 5 cards, the principle is very simple: your goal is to try to get the best poker hand possible for maximum earnings. After choosing the amount of coins (0.02 cents, 0.25 cents ...) and the number of coins you want to play (usually a maximum of 5), you start distributing cards. The machine then randomly distributes you 5 cards from a pack of 52, faces uncovered. You must choose if you want to keep cards in this first hand, and which ones: you can keep 0 to 5 cards. You then ask the machine to distribute again cards to replace those you do not want to remember: once this distribution, you get your final game. The machine identifies the best hand in your game, for example 2 pairs, and you pay the amount provided in the paytable displayed in the machine. The possible hands are the classics of poker, but there is obviously always a minimum hand to get a win, often a pair of jacks: if you do not have this minimum hand you lose your bet. The possible paid hands are usually:

  • 1 pair (Valets or better): if you get 2 cards of identical value, for example 2 Ladies. But if for example you have only 2 Ten you lose
  • 2 pairs : if you have 2 pairs of identical cards, for example 2 cards Three and 2 cards Ten
  • Kind : when you have 3 cards of identical value, for example 3 cards
  • A After or Fifth consists of 5 cards with values ​​that follow each other, in any color: for example, 3-4-5-6-7, or 9-10-Valet-Dame-Roi. An Ace can count as the number 1 to start a 1-2-3-4-5 Suite or as an Ace to finish a 10-Jack-Queen-As-Ace Suite.
  • A Color or Flush consists of 5 cards in the same suit, ie 5 Spades, 5 Trefoils, 5 Tiles, or 5 Hearts
  • Full : This is a hand that has a set plus a pair, such as 3 cards Four and 2 cards Ladies
  • A Square is a hand containing 4 cards of identical value, for example 4 cards Ten
  • Color Suite or Flush : This is a suite obtained with cards of the same color, like 7-8-9-10-Jack all of Spades
  • Royal Flush : usually the highest hand is a Flush ending with an Ace, for example 10-Jack-Queen-King-All of Heart.

All paid hands variants are shown in the machine pay table.

Some Video Poker contain special type cards "Joker", that is to say that can take the value of any card of the package (the one to get the best possible hand). It can be a Joker, or a Two (Wild), or both in some machines. In machines with Wild cards, there are in principle additional paid hands like 4 Wild cards, or 5 Wild cards, again refer to the paytable of the machine to have all the details.

This is an additional game that is offered in the Video Poker: when you get a win, the machine offers either to cash your money or to try to double the gain. If you agree, the machine will randomly deal 5 cards: 1 face-up card, and 4 face-down cards. You must choose a card from these 4 hidden sides, the machine then returns it: if the card you have chosen has a value greater than that of the machine, then you double the winnings of this round, otherwise you lose them completely. If the 2 cards have identical values ​​there is no winner, and you can either stop and cash your winnings or try to double again. If you have won the Quit or Double, the machine offers you once again to try to double: the winnings can therefore quickly go up, but you also often lose your winnings!

About Video Poker Games

Video poker is one of the newest casino games. Many poker enthusiasts and slot machines are moving towards these machines which, as we have explained, offer very interesting odds. Personally, my favorite video poker variant is r9eacute; e is the Deuces Wild, where the 2 act as Wild c # 3; is meant that they replace any other card and thus make it possible to create winning combinations more easily (The wild joker is similar to this game variant).

Find here a selection of flash video poker games. Classic Jack or Better, Deuces Wild, Wild Joker, etc. ! According to game developers, the differences will be mostly visual, some offer very applied graphics, others a little less worked. You will also find variants in online casinos that allow you to play several hands at once - up to 9; At the same time, it will cost you a bit of money for each trial.

Aside from that, there is not a huge difference between game publishers, the differences are in video poker variants. This is a very interesting type of game because the odds are good for the players. And since it's free here, no risk of losing his shirt! N # 3; h9acute; not site to train safely and become a master of video poker.

Video Poker: our advice and tips for winning online

It almost never saw the light of day and yet, today it is one of the favorite games of online casino players and even a physical casino, according to the large attendance in the engine room.

Yes, the online video poker has established itself on the market of gambling on the internet, which is called Gaming.

And that's good for us because we really think it's a really interesting game. You are also many millions in France to love this game, which you think is one of the simplest to take in hand.

If you want a quick overview of the rules, you can also use our source, the web page

The origins of online video poker are very distant, as you will see in our history

Video poker: why did he almost never see the light of day? It's very simple, you have to know that video poker is a game that, as Alfred tells us on his website, was created before the slot machines that you know , especially that of Charles August Fey, the famous Liberty Bell. Almost 150 years ago, in places where the game could be integrated, you had gaming machines and video poker was one of the first. Obviously, at that time, the notion of video did not exist. The machine was similar to that of an old-fashioned slot, you had 5 reels that were installed on which you had card symbols. When the player introduced his piece, then, 5 cards appeared, if it was a combination of poker, the player won a win that he had to ask the owner of the place. It was attractive except that when the slot machines arrived, they won the market and the video poker disappeared completely. Find a very interesting report that will allow you to better understand this era.

Fortunately, in 1970, a company revived these video poker games by administering a good dose of modernity with screens, electronics and some new rules including the second draw of cards, which leaves the player a phase of reflection and then the gain automatically returned to the player. From Las Vegas to online casinos, video poker has become an ultra-popular game. Since that day, we can say that video poker has regained a second youth, continues to make happy and generates a lot of revenue following deposits that players make. Note that if you want more explanation on how to make a deposit in an online casino, you can get everything you need right here.

For us, the video poker machine is without a doubt the most attractive casino game of the moment on the internet

Since childhood, video poker intrigued us. Much more interesting than a slot machine for which you do not decide anything, video poker has allowed us to grow in poker combinations. Often, poker players who want to do some games of reflection without having to face other opponents, choose video poker, it is a fact that confirms the Swiss guide /. Oddly, for us as for our friends at, this was not the case, we started to play video poker and we never went to poker. Of course we tried some parts but never anything serious because to be honest, it does not interest us.

When we started playing at the existing Ruby Fortune casino, there was not so much "noise" around video poker. You had very few variants whereas today, they are rather numerous. You will learn to recognize the main in our article that deals with variants. This is probably because at the time we had not managed to find all the information we wanted that we told ourselves that a guide specifically designed for video poker would be a brilliant idea. And since then, our guide has evolved, we are today considered one of the best in the French-speaking world.

On our site, you will find all the most important information about the video poker french

What you will find on our site is clearly all the information you need to start the game, understand what you are doing and make money because you have to admit, when playing video poker , the goal is to have a good time but it's also about winning. Rest assured, with us, this is what you can aspire to.

You will have the rules of the game, precise, so that you can start with confidence, you will also find the strategies because there are video poker, and we must not omit them. In addition, we offer you techniques for all versions of the game of video poker like Jacks or Better. Some are more like advice, it's true, but these will allow you to put you in ideal situation to evolve in the game. You can also, on our site, read the latest news about video poker and more generally the world of Gambling, in order to always keep informed of what is going on. We advise you to read them, it only takes a few minutes and it is very good for your general culture. Of course, we will also talk about poker since these two games are quite related.

How to choose a free video poker game without downloading? Trusting us, of course

Finally, to play in real conditions from your home, our editorial zooms in on a lot of online casinos and always selects a few that seem really better than others. You will find them in the TOP5 established with our partner is an insert not to be missed because really, if you want to play on a totally adequate environment, then you will not find better than what our writing and particularly our testers, can you find. Note also that the site was inspired by our content, an honor for us! Thus, you can choose the online casino that suits you the most to play a video poker game. In flash version, you will not even need to download additional software to win your hands.

Besides the video poker bonuses, the advantage of the online casino is that it allows you to play for free. Yes, you can have fun on several variants of the product such as Poker Joker free machine games. For this, you must forget the free video poker Partouche, to focus especially on our favorite sites. If you can find free Joker Poker without downloading and free poker games without registration without registration, know that opening an account on an online casino will also allow you to earn money with all the bonuses you will have won.

Of course, these free games are not primarily about video poker, since you can also have fun on a slot, a game of blackjack, or a game of roulette. After that, you will not have any excuse to win the jackpot by betting your real money.

Among all this lot of information, we even forgot to tell you that an online casino could offer you to participate in a video poker tournament. Better yet, you can play on your mobile and a live casino to challenge a real dealer.

What remains to wish you? The success of course but also a lot of happiness in the game.

Is it mathematically possible in the long run to win at casino games? Honestly, no. But it's different to video poker: you have a good chance.

So how is it that we can eventually win video poker? The trick is that you have to be rigorous, distinguish "good" from "bad" games, know exactly which games can pay more easily, provided you bet reasonably, because the wheel turns quickly and it may require time before luck returns if you miss your moment!

However, for the chance to win longer for video poker, it requires a substantial down payment. Video poker is an exercise in insight, but unlike other games, time has no limit, there is no one to watch you, so you can take all your time to play and therefore adopt the best strategy to win ! For starters, most video poker players have a hard time choosing their machine as well as the game tactics to adpter (which cards to keep and which ones to disguise). The main reason why starter players do not really get into the game, besides they usually play badly and lose, is that video poker leaves little room for lost time, which can be demotivating for the players. This is why a substantial down payment is required to win against a video poker machine.

Take the time to visit our site. Enjoy our free games and perfect yourself with the strategy chart. For any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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