Who is the father of zohra dati

Dominique Desseigne: the father of the daughter of Rachida Dati according to justice

Rachida Dati had assigned Dominique Desseigne to "paternity recognition9. Justice has just proved him right.

It was one of the best kept secrets in recent years. While she was Keeper of the Seals, under Nicolas Sarkozy, Rachida Dati had given birth to a baby girl, Zohra, January 2, 2009. The woman politician heard at the time protect his privacy and had hidden the identity of the father of this child. In 2012, Le Point Reverend, milk that Rachida Dati had decided; to assign Dominique Desseigne to the civil for "recognition of paternity". The father of the child is therefore none other than the CEO of the group Lucien Barrière, which manages casinos and hotels. Aged 68, Dominique Desseigne ranks among the top 100 fortunes of France. Close to Nicolas Sarkozy, the businessman was present at the famous Fouquet's evening on the evening of the second round of the 2007 presidential election. The head of the company is already going through; father of two children - Alexandre, 25, and Joy, 19 - whom he had with Diane Barrière-Desseigne, deceased, refused to recognize the child. Contacted by the magazine Le Point, the businessman had not wanted to comment on the information in this media: "I have no comments to make, otherwise justice would blame me". According to a relative of Dominique Desseigne interviewed by the magazine, the latter would have always denied being the father of the girl.

The identity of the father of Rachida Dati's child had been the subject of many speculations after childbirth, at the clinic of La Muette, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The rumor had steadily pointed the former Spanish Prime Minister José Maria Aznar, who had even had to deny in an official statement. One time, some commentators had even considered a fatherhood of Nicolas Sarkozy or stars of the tel9eacute; Today, with its legal action revived by the weekly, the current mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, would change course. No more question of hiding the identity of Zohra's father, his decision to summon is a shattering reverence. Which will definitely make noise.

Publicly, Rachida Dati denounces the "harassment" of journalists. "Since 6 am this morning, I have been harassed by journalists about my daughter and her private life, on the lookout for gossip or inappropriate details," she said in a statement. Le Point answered: "Contrary to what Rachida Dati claims, no journalist has been harassing her since 6 am It was at 8 am that Le Point.fr called the mayor of the 7th arrondissement. that she assigned Dominique Desseigne, the CEO of Groupe Lucien Barrière, to the civil court for "recognition of paternity" of his daughter Zohra was not put online until 9 am 5. " In the statement of Rachida Dati, which she posted on his Facebook account, the politician did not deny the legal action of Dominique Desseigne.

ON VIDEO - Dominique Desseigne appeared on television in 2004 to talk about her book "Tout pour être heureux" and the deceives of his wife Diane Barrière, following an accident.

Dominique Desseigne is the father of Zohra Dati, confirms justice

Dominique Desseigne, the CEO of the casino group Lucien Barrière, during a press conference in Paris on September 23, 2014

The businessman was again recognized by the law as the father of the little Zohra Dati, daughter of the former minister Rachida Dati. He will have to pay a monthly alimony of 2500 euros.

Justice confirms: Dominique Desseigne, CEO of Barrière Group, is the father of Zohra Dati. According to a decision made Thursday by the Court of Appeal of Versailles, he should therefore pay monthly maintenance of 2500 euros to Rachida Dati, according to a judgment of the tribunal de grande instance (TGI) Versailles 2014.

Rachida Dati, 50, mayor The Republicans of the seventh arrondissement of Paris and eurodeputation, had claimed; 6,000 euros pension during this process of recognition paternity of his daughter, today aged 7 years.

Zohra will not bear the name Desseigne

As in the first instance, however, the former Minister of Justice has been established; débout9eacute; e of his request to be able to use the surname "Desseigne" for his daughter Zohra. "In the interest of Zohra, it is a decision legally and humanly irreproachable," said the lawyer Rachida Dati, Christine Guillot-Bouhours, arguing "the universal right to know his parentage".

Rachida Dati on November 5, 2015 in Paris

In its motives, the court held that Ms. Dati had reported "the evidence of her intimate relationship with Dominique Desseigne during Zohra's design period," summed up; the lawyer. The issue of the filiation of Zohra is at the heart of a bitter court battle between Dati and Desseigne started in autumn 2012 before the civil court, in the utmost discretion.

Desseigne has always denied being the father

The TGI ordered a general test in December 2012 to establish whether the 71-year-old businessman, loyal friend of former President Nicolas Sarkozy who had feted; his election in 2007 at Fouquet's -propriét9eacute; Barriere-group, was the father of Zohra, which he always denied.

The head of the company, at the head of the Barrière empire - 41 casinos, 16 luxury hotels, 140 restaurants and bars - had refused to submit to it, considering "that Mrs Dati had not given any ele- ments on the design period ", such as ultrasounds, a source close to the file said in October 2013.

"If we can not consider that the Court of Appeal relied exclusively on this refusal, it had an impact," said the lawyer Rachida Dati, pointing out a "surprising" turnaround on the part of Dominique Desseigne : according to her, he "had at first himself proposed a test and this even after the birth of Zohra".

Rachida Dati had given birth on January 2, 2009, while she was Keeper of the Seals. Single and no official companion at the time, her pregnancy and rumors about the father's identity had occupied one of many celebrity magazines. Dominique Desseigne has two months to file an appeal on points of law.

Rachida Dati talks about the father of Zohra

Notice to those who doubted, Zohra Dati has a dad! The former Minister of Justice has also evoked; this man on a television set, obviously always leaving the mystery on the one she wants to preserve.

Since the birth of Zohra in January 2009, a question is on everyone's lips: but who is his dad? Rachida Dati seems determined to keep the secret, but she agreed to talk about this man during an interview she gave to the show We are talking about it sure LCI.

"I wish to preserve his father. It's between his father, Zohra and me" replied the former minister to a surfer who asked him to finally reveal the name of Zohra's father. "This is not mystery. I do not want to expose it and I do not want it to be difficult9quot; continued Rachida Dati, leaving imagine that this man is not an anonymous. "I do not want to expose him, as he also has a life, that's it. So I do not want to expose it and I do not wish to expose all of our families to that" will conclude the former Minister of Justice.

In short, we will never know who Zohra's dad is, but the only thing that matters is that the little girl knows her!

Dominique Desseigne father of Zohra Dati? Back on the case.

It is an incredible mystery that surrounds the birth of little Zohra, daughter of Rachida Dati. melty.fr is back on a case worthy of the most surrealist Soap Operas. Who is Zohra's father? The mother already has her idea on the subject.

If the writers of the Dallas series struggle to find a sequel to the series since the death of JR Ewing, on the other side of the Atlantic, some could give them a masterful course pitch aberrant unusual twists. It all started in January 2009. Rachida Dati then creates surprise by giving birth to a little girl baptized Zohra, as a tribute to his mother. On the identity of the father, we know absolutely nothing. Especially since five days after her delivery, Rachida Dati resumes the course of her activities and again, as an active and courageous woman, takes on the role of Minister. For its part, the tabloids are not stupid and the craziest rumors are running about the mysterious paternity of the baby. The name of Henri Proglio, CEO of EDF is a time evoked. Rachida Dati categorically refuses to address the subject that concerns only her and her family.

But three and a half years after the birth of little Zohra, the mayor of the 8th arrondissement of Paris decides to summon Dominique Desseigne, president of Lucien Barrière Casinos in court. What Rachida Dati demands is paternal recognition of the casino giant. Only, Dominique Desseigne, 118th fortune of France strongly asserts that it is not involved in the design of the little girl. The procedure launched by the former minister last November has just ended today. The civil chamber of Versailles tribunal de grande instance has ruled on the fate of Dominique Desseigne who will have to submit to a paternity test. Once the exam is done, the court will set a date for a future hearing. Do you think Dominique Desseigne is the father of Zohra Dati?

For justice, Dominique Desseigne is the father of Zohra Dati

October 7, 2014 - 8:11 pm - World

Dominique Desseigne is the father of Zohra, fruit of his relationship with the former French Minister of Justice Rachida Dati.

Zohra Dati is the daughter of Dominique Desseigne

This is what confirmed the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Versailles in a decision this week, which had access to the news channel Itélé.

The legal process was started in December 2012 by the Franco-Moroccan, but Dominique Desseigne, boss of the luxury group Barrière, had so far refused to do a DNA test and go to court.

Rachida Dati - Dominique Desseigne

This decision will therefore force Dominique Desseigne to assume its legal responsibilities and the little Zohra Dati may bear the name Desseigne.

In her complaint, Rachida Dati had claimed alimony of 6,000 euros, payable retroactively since December 2013. The court found her right on retroactivity but the little Zohra will have "only" 2500 euros, or 55,000 euros.

The man did not say his last word since according to Itélé, he intends to appeal the decision.

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