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Find the 15 winning numbers to pocket the progressive jackpot!

This inflamed game will get you up to 77000 €!

Scratch the cards to discover your hand and cash the jackpot of 3 000 €!

Guess your next dice roll to win the € 3,000 jackpot!

Discover your winnings by piercing balloons: up to € 7,777 to raise!

Pick your coin, throw the coin, and win the € 6,080 jackpot!

Aim and shoot: if you score, there is € 1,200 to the key!

Behind the medals, discover your win: up to € 7,777 to pocket!

Cowboy, scratch the farwest gold bars and win the jackpot!

Warning ! Burning Jackpot of 9 000 € to pocket in this scratching game!

Find the symbol Top Price and receive € 1,000 each day for a month!

Rediscover the legendary Stone Leaf Scissors game to win big!

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Online gambling sites in the crosshairs of French justice

Online gaming sites are rebelling against French justice and its involvement in the conflict that currently pits them against the Barrière, Tranchant and Joagroupe groups. Indeed the three major groups of French casinos have complained of a competition according to them illegal on the internet and must stop. The sites Bwin, Unibet, Sportingbet and 888 would be in the sights of the Criminal Court of Paris, although one of the defendants' lawyers emphasizes that the use of the French language is absolutely no argument for the French justice to slice into this case involving a site based in Malta. In this context of very early opening of the market to competition we can predict that the case is already sure to make jurisprudence.

In the world of lottery and gambling, the scratch game is one of the games with the most followers. It is popular because of its simplicity, its easy-to-play, accessible and playable character all while offering a good adrenaline rush. The scratch game comes in the form of a game ticket, bought from the tobacconist or online, where you have to scratch a part covered with a silver layer hiding several symbols, numbers, images, amount of winnings, photos, ... which determine the nature of the gain of the one who buys it. By scraping to expose the symbols of these scratch games, we must try to find 3 to 4 identical symbols, or according to the instructions on the ticket, to take advantage of the amount of the proposed gain. The jackpot is thus off the hook if these symbols appear according to these instructions provided, otherwise, lots of consolation for some tickets whose set of symbols has been almost found, can also be offered.

The gain in the scratch game is made possible according to the principle of redistribution rate proposed by the company that launches the offer. Indeed, when printing these scratch card tickets, the operator who proposes this game, like the French version of the Games in its real version in France, and online gambling sites in its version on the internet, has edited several scratch tickets that contain well-defined winnings and tickets to win the jackpot. It is therefore up to the players and the lucky lucky to discover these winning tickets and to pocket the corresponding sum which is hidden behind these tickets which they must choose at random from the distributors.

A scratch game is also printed according to different themes to give another dimension to this game, apart from the pleasure of playing and winning of course. Thus, a ticket can be dressed with the theme of poker for example, the symbols behind the silver layer can thus be playing cards where you have to find a flush or a set to pocket the gain. Or, the winning symbols on slot machines, as the number 777 is also frequently offered on scratch game tickets. Each year, thousands of players around the world win by playing these scratch games simply to have discovered the right ticket.

Who has never traded a pack of cigarettes, has not taken a few treats or exchanged one bottle of beer for a scratch game? Many people have already played this game so easy and exciting at once whose principle is very simple. The scratch game is a game in the form of a scratch ticket where it is not necessary to arm yourself with good strategies or special skills because if you win, it is by pure chance. The principle is simple, just scratch the part covered with a small silver layer of a ticket to discover if the symbols, images, words, amount of earnings ... that appear there are matched or can go together. It is also an excellent way of entertainment that allows you to have a good time and a few moments of adrenaline rush. Various themes as wide as possible, ranging from football, through slot machines, poker, numbers, ... are the figures usually represented on these cards.

Scratching games appeared in the United States in the 1980s as part of state lotteries. However, this game that was a real revolution at the time is none other than the more modern version of the lottery with a quick and individual result, without having to wait for other players. Then, it was the charities that took over by printing their own cards as part of their fundraising activities. In addition, its very low price has made it a means of gambling very accessible and accessible to all.

If scratch card tickets were bought from tobacconists and grocery stores before, this game, whose theme differs from one ticket to another, is also played on the internet today. Online games sites offer scratch games known also under English names like scratch off, scratch ticket, scratch, scratch, scratch-it, scratch game, scratch-and-win or instant game. Online, the principle is the same as the actual ticket, just scratch and see the result. On an online gambling site, a whole range of scratch card games are offered. A player has the opportunity to register for several games at the same time for his pleasure, even several times but also to choose the theme that pleases him.

Online scraping: the best bonuses of scratch rooms online

Why be entertained at scratch games online?

Online scraping of virtual scratch cards is a great way to have fun, have fun alone or as a couple in fun mode without money so for fun or otherwise try to win the jackpot in real money player mode. has listed for you the best online scratch rooms that offer you free credit s to bet online in real money mode.

This listing is not exhaustive, you can go to gambling sites that guarantee your payments when you win cash and are serious about the online gambling market and offers you in terms of Equity one in three chance to see your winning bet.

Therefore, and you will understand by pointing you on the information platform you only have advantages to open an account because almost all of our partners offers you tokens to test free their online gaming platform.

Registration is simple, fast, free and does not engage you in any way and it is now time to discover the pleasures of scratching virtual cartons on your PC, mobile and tablet screen.

What is the operation of scratching online?

Maybe you are used to buying your newspaper at your tobacconist's office to pick up one or more scratch cards, or to validate the French Games Loto or Euro Millions newsletters to try your luck to become rich. instantly.

In recent years, many free online gaming platforms offer you the opportunity with higher chances to earn as much money and become rich in a few clicks thanks to your PC, tablet or mobile in a virtual way.

This is called the scratching online and it is so successful that many online casinos are offering Internet users to play scratch online with a dedicated section called "scratch cards".

So, when you choose a platform you can entertain yourself according to your convenience and have two options that are:

- The fun, no-money version that allows you to train and bet with virtual chips without any risk.

- The real money version, to try to earn cash by betting real money when you buy bets.

In addition, throughout your experience, a customer service with a support service "live chat" is at your disposal to help you and to meet your expectations.

What are the benefits of playing scratch online?

- In terms of price, scratch games online are cheaper than tobacconists with bets that start at only 0.10 euros.

- Accessibility level, after opening your account you can bet at any time and any time of the day with a simple internet connection.

- Level design and animations graphics and sound all scratch online games offered are varied and all very colorful with sound effects worthy of land-based casinos.

- Let's talk now about the redistribution rate that is 95% on average with our partners and gives you a one in three chance of winning when you bet money on the online casino.

- The bonuses and other gratuities offered by online gambling establishments are regular and generous which guarantee you many winning scratch cards.

Thus, in a few clicks, you can withdraw your earnings and transfer them to your bank account.

The bonuses offered to scratching online:

One of the advantages that is undeniable online scratching are the bonuses offered by virtual gaming platforms and this as well at the casino, bingo, sports betting, scratching or poker.

Thus, when you open an account for free, you have free chips in real mode so for the money in the form of a bonus that you can cash in case of winnings when you bet and after completing the betting conditions.

- The free bonus to registration without money is generally between 5 euros and 7 euros without any conditions of purchase.

This bonus is called the bonus of soon which is totally free during your registration which is offered for example by: Gratorama, ScratchMania, Winspark, Winorama or Osiris Casino, Euromoon Casino and Atlantic Casino via a code or a bonus coupon to insert before finalizing your registration.

- There is also a special bonus called "first deposit bonus" during your first, which allows you to multiply your chances of winning and offer you free spins on your first purchase on the checkout page of the scratch room online.

- If you are a regular player, you will also be entitled to a loyalty bonus but this bonus is awarded according to the regularity of your deposits, your connections to the site or your participation on the social networks of the page Facebook example of online gambling establishment.

- The referral bonus is a bonus offered when the player sponsors a referral on the site and they receive in principle an identical bonus ranging from 5 euros to 7 euros.

To conclude this very interesting chapter, our partners of online scratch games regularly show jackpots up to 200 000 € as well as a high quality service.

What are you waiting for to be the lucky winner of the day?

It's high time to open your account.

Online scratch games: Scratching is winning scratching online!

Check out the new Vegas casino scratch game:

If you have never been to Las Vegas, come and discover the joys of the very popular land casinos in the United States with this scratch game Vegas that transports you straight to Las Vegas.

The latter born in terms of scratch ticket Illiko is sold at a price of 3 euros and can hit a jackpot of 50 000 euros with the possibility of receiving multiple winnings like Cash or Mega Crossword.

You have four chances to win a win with different games and different scratch areas like Roulette, Craps, Jackpot and Duel.

Traditional scratch and scratch cardboard scratch games are very popular and have a lot of success.

Vegas Illiko: The Casino Scratch Card

Here is the new Vegas formula that you concocted the team of the French Games and offers to scratch a total of 4 games on the theme of the casino to try to pocket the jackpot of 50,000 euros.

The new Vegas game is available at all retailers, priced at just $ 3 to try your luck scratching and making money easy and fast.

It was in the 2000s that the first Vegas was born in the windows of retail partners partner of the French Games and offered the opportunity to earn francs on 4 scratch casino games.

The different casino games that you will find on Vegas are the most popular and popular scraping versions namely: the game of roulette, the game of scratch poker, Craps, well known players Casino and also the "Jackpot" game, which is actually a slot machine game.

If the success of the new scratch game Vegas, I think we will be entitled to an online version to the delight of online scratch fans who like to buy cartons on the web and try their chance to make a fortune quickly.

It could have the name of "Vegas Online" and could join the wide range of applications to rub Illiko in the Excluded Web section on the official website of the French Games and playable on tablet and mobile.

How to try your luck on the board Vegas Illiko?

As with all of his scratch games, the rules of the Vegas scratch game are simple enough to understand.

Here are details of the new Vegas Illiko scratch game:

1- Roulette: It has two zones of scratching game namely the numbers "bet" and the numbers "winners".

You just have to scratch the two areas with your coin and compare the bet numbers with the winning numbers.

To win a prize, you just have to match your bet numbers with the winning numbers, and you earn the associated bonus.

2- Craps: you have to scratch the play area, where two of them are discovered.

As in the traditional craps game, it is sufficient that the sum of the two be equal to 7 so that you can touch the associated amount.

3- Jackpot: On this slot machine game, you need to earn cash to find three identical symbols on each line.

You have a total of three lines, so three chances to win the game and so to discover three identical symbols on a line, then you win the associated amount.

This game is based on the basic principle of scratch games rules namely to discover three identical symbols on the same game to pocket euros.

4- Duel: A scratch play area that contains two scratch lines.

The first scratch card and the theme of the bank, and the other with your cards, if one of your cards has a higher value than the bank card, then you win the associated amount

Bonus Zone: The last part has a "bonus" box that allows you to win a prize.

This last game of scratching is very simple and to participate, you must scratch the area.

If you discover a sum of money, you simply win.

What are your chances of winning at the Vegas scratch game?

2,000,000 lots are distributed from this new Vegas scratch game throughout France at retailers and other retailers partner of the FDJ at a price of 3 euros and to try to win a bonus of 50 000 €.

You have a 1 in 3.81 chance of winning a euro prize on the new Vegas Illiko scraping game.

Best bonuses on scratch rooms online with free bonus

Online mobile gaming applications:

While some online gaming operators withdraw from the French market as Neogames, others reinforce their presence as Casino Extra

This scratch room and lottery games offers French players to make bets via their mobile with SMS + payment option

Play on your mobile for greater interactivity and you will not have any reason not to know the joys of online entertainment.

Each deposit can pay you big and the jackpot at Casino Extra is 300,000 euros. Imagine winning such a fortune?

Even if the money reaches peaks in the poker rooms, scraping him requires no strategy or trick to win.

Bet, scratch and discover your win.

Bets start from 0.05 euros on scratch at 10 euros for the biggest bettors who like to take risks. More risk and big gains are high.

Where to play and make money online?

Whether you're on the bus, train or in the car turn on your mobile phone and start making money with just a few clicks on the funniest and most up-to-date scratching site of the moment - Casino Extra

You can play free scraping and the lottery on very exciting casino games with very innovative names like: ice cream fortune, parrot paradise or fruity looty.

Try your luck in real mode with the free bonus of 5 euros upon registration.

First deposit bonus on Gratorama

200 € offered to play online casino:

The universe of scratching games and the casino you are passionate about?

I propose you to discover the welcome bonus to the first payment which brings you 200 € for a deposit of the same amount.

Gratorama is a gaming platform that offers Internet users who want to play, including players from Canada, scratch cards of different categories and different game themes.

Bring the world of virtual scratch cards into your home by visiting the best online scratch site

The interface is fluid and accessible from any browser and this from your home or in a cyber café.

The operator offers two modes of interactive games either in demo mode or in real money mode to bet online with real bets.

The casino games and scratch cards are playable directly on the site via a free registration and without any commitment on the part of the user.

The entertainment is optimal and bet on slot machines and other lottery games (keno, bingo, bingo) is a real pleasure.

Bonuses and other casino bonuses are very important and allow bettors to play more and more with free credits offered during cash deposits.

They are possible by subscribing to the newsletter of the site.

Bonuses are also possible on new games provided they are registered in the platform's information mailbox.

You can always multiply the bonuses, for example: the 15% bonus when depositing via alternative payment method such as Paysafecard or Moneybookers with the bonus of welcome with and without deposit.

Thus, you double your chances of winning easy money on the most popular brand in online scraping.

How to receive 200 € on

To double the chips of your first deposit in real money mode you must register on the site and open an account.

Then, without entering bonus codes or promotional coupons you must make a payment of 200 euros to be able to receive the same amount of money in the form of free chips.

The extra is done instantly and automatically immediately after your payment in real money and whatever the method of payment you have chosen.

You have the opportunity to accumulate the no deposit bonus with the welcome bonus of 100% which makes you even more free chips to have fun on slot machines and slots games and increase your chances to hit the jackpot .

Feel free to invite your friends to our partner's Facebook page and make the Gratorama brand as popular as ScratchMania.

With Gratorama, spend a long time playing games and enjoy scraping virtual tickets of great quality and fairness to earn even more cash!

  • Put: 2 €
  • Maximum Gain: € 20,000
  • Chances of winning: 1 / 3,28
  • Redistribution rate of bets: 66%
  • Percentage of winning tickets: 30.45%

This scratch game is listed at la Française des Jeux on the theme of astrology in the illiko range. This is a great way to try the luck of your astrological sign in order to make money. This is a scratch card that has tremendous success with players since astrology is a theme very close to destiny that removes the notion of luck. Playing his sign is an entertaining way for players to "check" their luck.

Start scratching the eight pellets on the FDJ game Astro, if you discover twice the astrological sign of the ticket you have chosen, then you win the gain indicated in the "Gain" box.

Then, in the 2nd part of theAstro FDJ, if you discover two identical qualities (such as wisdom for the balance sign, or perseverance for the scorpions), then you gain the second gain in the "Gain 2" box.

The gains are of course cumulative between the first game Astro and the second for a maximum amount of 20,000 euros

The game Astro Illiko is a bit special, in fact there are 12 different tickets, each representing one of the signs of the zodiac. Players can therefore choose a ticket corresponding to their own astrological sign: statistically, the chances of winning are obviously the same and the price is also the same. The bet is 2 €.

The winnings you can win by playing Astro

The Astro ticket is 2 € and allows you to win up to 20,000 €. If you miss the Jackpot, you can still win one of the winnings you can find below.

Here is the grid of sums that you can expect to win.

Probability grid of the scratch game ASTRO

After observing the basic information on the Astro scratching game, Now let's see what interests us, that is, the odds of winning at Astro FDJ.

The ASTRO game is published in several batches of 4,500,000 copies each and among these tickets we have, 1,370,092 winning ticket.

That means we have a total of 30.45% of winning tickets. Is, 1 chance out of 3.28 to win a lot. Of course, the higher the potential gain, the lower the chances of winning.

Here is the complete picture of probabilities of the scratch game ASTRO.

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