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Do you like fruits, colors and freshness? Perfect because here is the WinterBerries Slot Machine from Yggdrasil Gaming!

This casino game features very successful graphics, as well as cool animations. When you start a spin, you notice the light "rebond9quot; that each symbol undergoes when it stops, a very cool little detail that creates; an appreciable dynamism.

The big highlight of this machine is the fashion Re-Spin similar to that of Jack Hammer from Netent. When a winning line appears, it freezes while all other icons leave for a free spin. If you get a new winning line at that time, the machine will re-roll a Re-Spin, until it's over; that you can not find new lines, or that you have found all possible lines.

You can bet between 25 cents and 50 euros on this game fresh from a publisher who, as I've done before; accurate9eacute ;, risk of making noise in the coming years!

WinterBerries is a slot machine with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. The Re-Spins mode is the main attraction of this game that does not offer any particular symbols.

Yggdrasil Concept Art

Yggdrasil (イ グ ド ラ シ ル, Igudorashiru)? is a demon in the series.

In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is a gigantic, holy ash tree at the center of the cosmos that links the worlds together to the location where the gods hold court. Yggdrasil is also home to creatures such as Nidhoggr, Hresvelgr and Ratatoskr. The Norn goddesses Skuld, Urd and Verdandi are also said to live by the lake under the tree itself.

While exploring the marketplace, he is approached by a trio of people who, like him, have come to the challenge of being able to get away from it all. The protagonist was then teleported to the tree in Sector Eridanus' top floor; however, abusing his powers, Yggdrasil easily fended him off and brought him near death.

At that moment, Yggdrasil was hit by a blast that canceled out his time-based powers, forcing him to fight normally. A second opponent appeared and procceeded to beat Yggdrasil into submission. It's been out of the protagonist's face, and it would have been the Norns who had been the Disir, who had been retaking their powers and allowed the future protagonist to return to the Yggdrasil's time defenders Yggdrasil's defenses Yggdrasil and return the stolen power to the past Disir, creating a closed ontological paradox in which Yggdrasil always lost.

Defeating Yggdrasil on Sector Eridanus unlocks him for fusion.

Its branches cover the entire earth, and its trunk pierces the sky and holds up several worlds, including Alfheim, the abode of the Light Elves. Its three roots stretch into Jotunheim, Niflheim, and Asgard. It is said that it will live through Ragnarok. "-Shin Megami Tensei IV compendium

Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse Edit

Yggdrasil can teach Nanashi the Great Tack, Dekaja and Tetrakarn skills through its Demon Whisper. It benefits from learning Gun, support and garment skills.

Rowing in the same direction


Yggdrasil proposes to play men of the North in a mythical Europe situated between the fourth and the sixth century. By embodying those who will later become Vikings, players will be able to write a saga worthy of Beowulf's.

The adventures ofYggdrasil in Scandinavia, Scandinavia today, and on the different worlds of Nordic mythology. The characters will have to face their destinies, an important notion for the men of the North. Whether they are simple peasants, scaldes or vцlvas with great wisdom, noble or warrior berserkrs, the characters will have to live a story of which the sagas are made.

A character ofYggdrasil is defined by nine characteristics, whose values ​​are between 1 and 5, divided into three sets: Body, Mind and Soul. Added to this are some special features, skills ranging from 1 to 20, a furor score that allows the magic or battle trance of berserkrs, gifts, weaknesses and destiny.

The creation of character is done by distribution of points of creation, after having defined a concept of character, and by the choice of gifts and weaknesses, as well as martial prowess or magic. In addition, with each creation of character, with the help of dice, the player draws three runes for his character. These will define positive and negative aspects of his destiny. The game master is thus encouraged, during the game, to stage the fate of the character as drawn by the runes.

The resolution of an action is done by rolling a number of D10 equivalent to the value of the characteristic used, the player retaining the result of two times that he adds to his score of skill, the objective being to do more than the threshold of success of the action. In some circumstances, such as an action close to the fate of the character, a use of the furor, etc. the number of D10 launched or guarded may be more than two. The fights are managed by opposing jets. Feats of attack, defensive and utilitarian allow the characters to perform special actions during combat, such as knocking out an opponent, making a fake or giving a bonus to his allies.

There are three types of magic, gift of the gods, used by the men of the North. The Sejdr, feminine and shamanic magic par excellence, consists in the realization of rituals. Galdr, the magic of incantations, uses different domains to produce less codified magic effects. Runes make it possible to produce magic effects based on the meaning of each of the 24 Nordic runes.

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Dominique Goujet's news blog

The conquest of space with Yggdrasil's UFOs in Chibeasties

The master of inspiration in the field of the slot machine, Yggdrasil has once again surpassed in designing his latest creation, Chibeasties, an online gaming interface based on the world of UFOs and extraterrestrials.

No doubt, with this new slot machine, Yggdrasil's partners will be able to win.

For the discovery of an unreal world

The game editor Yggdrasil definitely likes to surprise his players with images and concepts far removed from reality, but which are worth discovering. And that, Yggdrasil proves it once again in his last slot titled Chibeasties.

From its name, we can expect impressive symbols that are out of the ordinary. Indeed, the little characters that the player will see on his game interface do not look like any other animal in the world.

Imitating a little man with their big doubting eyes, they also look like cartoon characters with their cheerful colors.

More surprisingly, they seem to be immersed in a lush environment, close to the Amazonian forests of the planet earth, so where exactly do these little UFOs come from? Without a doubt Yggdrasil's imagination.

Attractive gaming offers on Chibeasties

Even if the little imaginary characters of Yggradasil may not attract many players, the publisher is catching up in its game offers. Indeed, Chibeasties has a large offer of bonuses, free games and game options, some of which are very lucrative.

The free spins, for example, will be the key to get up to 40 free spins. Before the first game, the player will have the opportunity to see the symbols of a roll open in a random way to give the image of a " wooden mask ".

A game interface already available for everyone

For those who want to try out the new Yggdrasil Slot Machine, they will be able to go to different gaming platforms that already have this one-armed bandit in their entertainment offerings.

Online casinos like Lucky31, CasinoExtra or 7Red are among the first to offer it on their platforms.

Yggdrasil Online Slots and Casinos List

Here we are going to provide you with the full details of Yggdrasil slots and give you the list of where you can play for real money.

Even though Yggdrasil Gaming company might not be the biggest casino software producer yet, their products are getting more and more popular. All the demo games are also available on your website so you can try them all. Yggdrasil company has started gaming software production only a few years ago but their online slots have already gained popularity among international gamblers. In Scandinavian mythology, the company name, Yggdrasil, is the tree through which you can enter one of 9 mythical worlds. In the same way, the Yggdrasil company opens the door to the most advanced and entertaining casino games.The distinctive feature of Yggdrasil free online slots is the advanced graphics and cool animations which make them different from the other slot machines we used to play.

In Yggdrasil free slots collection you will find slots on different themes. For example, one of the most popular Yggdrasil 3D slots, Winterberries, features tones of fresh berries on the ice-cold background. The Holmes and the Stolen Stones is devoted to Sherlock Holmes' adventures with the old books and dusty magnifying glass as the game symbols. There are several famous Joker-themed games, such as Joker Millions or Jokerizer which is considered to be one of the best Yggdrasil online slots. All Spins, Multipliers, and Scatters, as well as the entertaining bonus rounds.

Most of the games are free of charge, no registration, and no deposit are needed to play for fun. Yggdrasil slots 2016 ounce they are released. If you are on those who are new to the world, you'll be able to get started. Yggdrasil slots 2016 ounce they are released. We are accessible worldwide (excluding the territories where gambling is illegal) so both international and United Kingdom can play the best games from Yggdrasil slot games list absolutely free of charge. And if you are adventurous enough, we also know where you can play those games for real money!

Playing slots games for fun is easy and fun. Even if you don†™ t bet large sums of money, you have that thrilling feeling somewhere under the heart when you hit the spin button. And whether you win or fail, you are satisfied because you know your guts to take the risk. But taking risks is safe when you know you are safe. This is why we recommend playing online casinos which you can find in Yggdrasil online casinos list. Now you do not need to spend time looking for online casinos reviews because we have already done it for you.

Online casinos in our list are not just random samples taken out of nowhere. We always conduct the research with the best and the highest quality. Even though the Yggdrasil online casinos are different in a number of winnings and jackpots or in the payout time, they are combined by one common feature †"they are all safe to play for real money. Some of them also have special mobile casinos easily accessible from your mobile devices.

To play in real money casino you don t have to download any programs or make huge deposits. You just need to choose the game, get some basic information, spin the reels and get your deserved winnings. Most of the online casinos from our homepage will be there to help you, if you have any questions about the game, the payouts or whatever. And donâ € ™ t forget that playing in a trusted casinos makes your gambling process comfortable and safe.

Today, when everyone has a smartphone with the Internet connection, the online gambling becomes available everywhere. Most of the gaming software providers have their own mobile casinos and special game editions which can be played right from the smartphone or tablets. Yggdrasil mobile slots have made it to the new level. All of the company's products are mobile-friendly and you can access them both from iOS and Android devices and even from a Windows Phone. Thanks to the up-to-date iSense technology, the Yggdrasil games look and work perfectly on all devices without using Flash and Java (meaning you won†™ t have problems with playing it on your new iPhone). To play free mobile Yggdrasil slots you just need to enter the mobile-friendly casino games where you can play mobile slots for real money.

For the last few years, slots have become the most popular type of casino games. But the good old poker and other skill-games and mini-games are still there, but many software developers mostly concentrate on slots, they also have other casino games in their collection. For example, among Yggdrasil free casino games you will find keno, lotto, and online scratch cards games, also available for free for.

You can find the list of online games here on our website and immediately play the free demo version of these games online. Yggdrasil games have 1000000 euro jackpots! You can play for fun or you can take a risk and bet some money. So play gambling games, get money and we will do everything to keep you updated.

Yggdrasil Gaming is a young but promising slots software developer. It was founded in 2013 by NetEnt CEO Frederik Elmqvist and has already released more than 20 casino games. The headquarter of Yggdrasil slots is located in Malta and the main development office †"in Krakow, Poland. In 2015, Yggdrasil won the EGR B2B award which is one of the main awards in the gaming industry today. The complete Yggdrasil are available for the gamblers from United Kingdom and other countries.

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